Wie lieb ich dich hab

By Clara Sinnitsch and Laura Eibeck
Educational project, 2018


My part: Screendesign, Concept and Research
Illustrations: Clara Sinnitsch


"Wie lieb ich dich hab" was a university project. The digital book is based on the original book "Guess How Much I Love You" by 
Sam McBratney and Anita Jeram.

The book offers children an entertaining way of learning to read. Therefore we created four different versions of the book to ensure that every child could train reading with our book.

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The difference between those four version makes the typography:
Every child has different needs when it comes to learning how to read. That's why the book offers a standard version with a basic sans serif font, a syllable-help version, a syllable-help version with
a fibula font and a version with only the fibula font. We decided to use a fibula font for two versions because it supports children who suffer from dyslexia while learning how to read. 

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