galerie gegen sexismus
Branding, Exhibition Design – 2022

      Branding and exhibition design for the "Galerie gegen Sexismus", taking place in Graz during the »16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence« November 2022, initiated by the wonderful feminist:as of @catcallsofgraz. The gallery served as a platform to showcase local, feminist art and raise awareness about various forms of sexism.
      The exhibited artworks shed light on different types of sexism, such as everyday sexism, sexism in hospitality, sexism in media, you name it. The pieces covered a wide range of topics, encouraging visitors to reflect and contemplate upon these issues.
Still super honored I got to be a part of that wonderful team of activists raising awareness and fostering dialogue around gender-based equality.
      Exhibition catalogue editorial design by my dearest collaborator Clara Sinnitsch.